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Christmas 2008 - Students Talk about Christmas

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Christmas Edition - December 18, 2008Christmas 2008

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Prince Charles Students Talk about Christmas


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The Special Giftby Hope Attaway

Prince Charles students talk about ChristmasSome of the students at Prince Charles Public School have written about Christmas. A selection of their letters are reprinted below: Mrs. Cousins grade 2 class

Dear Santa

How are you and Mrs. Claus. Are your reindeer ready? How are your elves doing in the shop? How long does it take to deliver the gifts? I have been very good for the last few days. I love Christmas because I like giving and getting gifts. Please write back soon.

Love Olivia.

Dear Santa

Hi, how are you? Are you ready to ride your sled? Are your gifts ready? I have been good Santa. I like you. You are nice. How long will it take to give all the gifts to the children? I hope the reindeer are ready to fly.

Love Alex

Ms. O’Briens grade 3 class

Giving byCole

Giving means a lot to me.

It teaches me always to share. It teaches me always to be nice to friends so I will have friends because friends are the best.


Destiny had just moved to a new house. Her grandma and her were putting up her tree while her pa was putting up Christmas lights. Just then it started snowing. Destiny ran outside and jumped in it. When she came in she said, “that stuff is cold.”

“Yes,” said her pa, “snow is cold.”

Then her grandma asked why did you not help me hang the stockings. Then all of them went out and made a lovely snow woman.

After that Destiny said, “I’m going to name her Catrina.”

Then he threw her into the snow. When she got up she said “It’s too cold for me.”

Pa said we come from Thailand there is never any snow there. It is always too hot and stinky there. It would melt the snow.”

The Christmas Carol byDalton Hurren

When winter comes so does Christmas. Christmas isn’t about getting, it’s about giving and spending time with your family. When you put up your stocking you get candy and clementines, and sometimes a toothbrush.

The feeling of Christmas is happiness. Santa knows when you’re good or bad so be good this Christmas.

Christmas by Sara Fitzgerald

Christmas is a fun holiday where everybody is kind to each other and giving presents too; Christmas is one of the best holidays of the year, when everyone can be happy and meet some new friends. Christmas is a holiday for everyone.

Grade 7

Jingle, Jingle byCale Sauve

“Jingle jingle” was the sound on the streets of Verona on December 5, 2008. Each year the students of PCPS (Prince Charles Public School) walk the streets of Verona all them ringing their bells loud and you might hear some singing from some of the very happy students.

How this event works is the students and staff bring in some non-perishable food items. In exchange they are given bells. All of the food items are given to the less fortunate so they can have a Merry Christmas. I love when it is time for the Jingle Bell walk. I love the idea of helping the less fortunate and I love making noise (and I don’t have to do school work so everyone wins.)

Merry Christmas everyone.

The Jingle Bell Walkby Katie Parr

The whole school went on the Jingle Bell walk today and it was cold. The Jingle Bell walk happens every year with the school. The Jingle Bell walk went through Bank Street and through the bypass. For people who do not have a lot of money and food for Christmas, so they can get into the Christmas spirit,

Jingle Bell Walk byLezlie Smith.

On December 5, 2008. All of Prince Charles’ Public School, including the staff, went on the jingle bell walk around Verona to give food to people who need it.

it was a nice day out for winter.

I had walked with two kindergartens, Owen M and Alexander. It was hard to make them hold hands. I think that it was a beautiful day for the Jingle Bell walk and I had a good time.

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