| Dec 11, 2008

Dec 11/08 - Woman Rescued from House Fire

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Feature Article - December 11, 2008 Woman rescued from burning building by young men:Community rallies to support Terry HunterBy Jeff Green

A spectacular fire lit up the morning sky in Cloyne last Thursday morning, December 4, destroying the house that Terry Hunter had been living in since the summer.

The fact that the fire took place during the day turned out to be lucky because Travis Boomhower, Tyler Woodcock, Danny McNeill and James Nowell happened to be neaby and they rushed to the house to see if anyone was inside. They found Terry Hunter in her kitchen phoning 911, and they quickly ushered her out, just before the house became entirely engulfed in flames.

Ms. Hunter is a diabetic, and uses a walker.

“The fire was caused by ‘smoking materials’”, said Fire Chef Casey Cuddy, “apparently an ashtray that was dumped into a wastebasket had not gone out.”

The fire started on the front porch, and quickly spread into the house.

Cuddy said it was lucky that Terry Hunter escaped unharmed. “We always tell people to leave the house first, then phone 911. That is always the safest course.”

Cudy also said that is tricky for people to enter a buring builiding, especially if they do not have the training that firefighter have, ““but in this case it is very fortunate the men went in.”

Within minutes of the building being emptied, the building was fully engaged by the fire, which also destroyed Hunter's car.

The first 911 call came in at 9:03; Terry Hunter phoned at 9:04:42, and firefighters were on hand within 12 to 14 minutes.

“There was a live hydro wire across the road by the time we got there. We worked to keep the fire from spreading to the garage, but the house was gone,” said Casey Cuddy.

Terry Hunter lives alone, but she had a dog and three cats with her in the house. One of the cats perished in the fire, but the other two and the dog made it out.

Since the fire took place, friends and neighbours have chipped in to help Terry Hunter. She spent a few days in the home of her neighbour, Karen Lowndes.

“The community have really pulled together,” Karen Lowndes said. “A neighbour had a couch, another had a TV, and people have been bringing money. Jim Shiner owns a building outside of Northbrook which has an empty apartment available and he gave Terry a break on the rent. She moved in on Sunday night. She has really appreciated all the support.”

A drop-off has been arranged for Saturday and Sunday, (December 13 and 14) at the building next to Grand’s store in Cloyne. Clothing, furniture and other items will be accepted between 12 noon and 4 pm on both days.

Any items that are not needed by Terry Hunter will be donated to local charities. For further information call Steve Lancaster at 613-336-1106.

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