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Dec 11/08 - Letters

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Letters - December 11,2008 Letters: December 11

No Victory, Donna Dillman

Thank You Chuck, Michelle Green

Re: County Receives Defibrillators, Amy Stewart

Verona Needs Defibrillator Too,Katie Luffman

Time for a Majority, Ken Fisher

Mrs. Claus Came to Town, Brenda Steele

Democracy is a Messy Business, Brent Cameron

No Victory

The so-called victory, in the form of an agreement among one First Nation group (see Shabot Obaadjiwan comes to accommodation agreement with Frontenac Ventures, Dec 4/08) , formerly involved in the struggle, a second, that was not, 'industry' (specifically, a small private company) and the Provincial Government is--purely and simply--a scam.

Michael Gravelle, Minister of Northern Development and Mines, had this to say, "I'm pleased all parties were able to find a workable solution that balances the interests of the Algonquin communities and industry while protecting the environment."

Where is it written that health and the environment have been protected? It's not written, because it is not happening and cannot happen. There has never been a safe uranium mine. The technology simply does not exist. And why deep drill, if not to mine?

Twenty-three eastern Ontario municipalities from Ottawa to Lindsay, representing over two million people, will not accept this as a victory. I didn't spend 68 days without food and Bob Lovelace did not spend over 100 days behind bars in a maximum security penitentiary to acquiesce to drilling at this stage. The community, including the Ardoch First Nation, the other First Nation involved since the beginning, will continue to say “No” when our health, and the health of those not yet born, is endangered for short term financial gain.

While the economy may be top of mind, most people realize that without clean air, water and soil, we are doomed on a finite planet. Info on how you can help can be found at www.ccamu.ca.

Donna Dillman

Thank You Chuck

Thank You to Chuck Belcher, owner of Sharbot Lake Freshmart, for replacing my groceries that someone else picked up on Sat. Dec. 6. Hopefully they realized what had happened and returned them.

Michelle Green

Re: County Receives Defibrillators

An hour after receiving the sad news that a friend and neighbour had passed away suddenly, in a public place, from cardiac arrest, I picked up the November 27 issue of the Frontenac News and saw the front page article announcing "The AEDs are coming!!"

It is great news that 18 Automated External Defibrillators are being distributed throughout Frontenac County. However, I was alarmed to see that all four units being deployed to South Frontenac Township will be located in and around the village of Sydenham.

I believe that South Frontenac Township includes the villages of Harrowsmith, Verona, Battersea, Inverary and Perth Road as well as Sydenham. There are many locations in the township where sports, festivals and recreational events are held and attended by hundreds of people. Should the AEDs not be distributed to locations throughout the township in areas that serve many people and where they could do the most good rather than be concentrated in one small area?

Amy Stewart, concerned South Frontenac resident,

Verona Needs Defibrillator Too

Hi! I’m Katie Luffman. I am 8 years old and I live in Verona, Ontario. I think you should put a defibrillator in Verona, just because it can save many people. My babysitter’s husband just died from a heat attack so I really want one around Verona. I believe it will save many lives. I think it’s a great idea to save lives. It will make me and everyone else happy.

Katie Luffman

Time for a Majority

When Mike Duffy reports that the GG "can even take advice from her hairdresser", you know it's over. Stephen Harper's address to the nation was bankrupt -not a word of apology for bringing us this crisis. Invoking the name of Jacques Parizeau was to demonize Quebec voters and to give up on getting Quebec support for the Conservatives for the rest of this decade. There was nothing new. Dion presented nation-wide vision of infrastructure revitalization and sectorrestoration. It's time for the representatives of the 62% majority of voters to govern.

Ken Fisher

Mrs. Claus Came to Town

It is with great thanks to a terrific lady in our community that I write this letter. Janet Barr, "Mrs. Claus", made an idea that sprouted last winter turn into a terrific weekend for the children of our community. Janet and her many Elves held two Children's Community Shopping Days last weekend. What a great time to see the children's faces as they shopped for their Moms and Dads on Saturday and then on Sunday as they shopped for their Mom, Dad and brothers and sisters. The true spirit of Christmas was evident on the children's faces as their presents were wrapped, labelled and ready to go under the tree when they got home. Many of the children had done extra chores to raise money to shop. All the gifts were brand new and pretty amazing as was evident when it was hard for some shoppers to pick just the right gift.Thank you, Mrs. Claus, for the many hours you have spent over the past year preparing for this weekend, and thanks to all the Elves who worked so hard to make this such a special event. We hope to see you again next year.

Brenda Steele

Democracy is a Messy Business

Democracy is a messy business, and our institutions do allow for the kind of arrangement that the Liberals and NDP have just conceived. That is not the question. Whether or not such an arrangement should take place is the real issue Canadians must grapple with.

I am a Conservative partisan, but it would be a lie to deny that I have considered the limits to my own loyalty. I know the conditions under which I would tear up my membership card, and declare that being a member was no longer compatible with my core beliefs or conscience. Liberal supporters now have their moment of truth.

They didn’t vote for the failed economic theories of the NDP – they should not have to support them. They didn’t vote in favour of those who wish to break up the country – they should not have to be indebted to them.

The bottom line is that if the Liberal Party of Canada represents nothing more than a cadre of insiders keen on wresting power for its own sake, is that a party you can be proud of?

If not, there is no disloyalty in walking away from a party that abandoned you first.

Brent Cameron

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