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Feature Article - November 30, 2006

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RienaJanuay 11, 2007 McDonalds Corners Re-users celebrate their first yearby Ankaret Dean ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To celebrate their first year of staffing and organizing the re-use trailer at the McDonalds Corners landfill site, the volunteer group of ReUsers held a potluck lunch at the MERA Schoolhouse between Christmas and New Year’s. It was during this time in 2006 that they took over the Re-use centre and completely re-organized the trailer.Of the original founding 17 members, 13 were able to come, as well as several more who have joined since that time. As an indication of ‘practising what they preach’ several re-users arrived in re-use apparel, from silly hats to sequined tops and stylish outfits. Stories were told and even melodic sounds were played on a re-use guitar.The highlight of the afternoon came when Cheryl Nash from Eco-Perth arrived to give the group a cheque for $500, to acknowledge their ‘green’ nature, and to assist in the erection of a new building.

Chris Anstead and Lynne Parks spearhead the group, and during the year have approached the township council to consider a new building more suitable for the re-use activity. The successful operation of the re-use centre has prompted council to rethink their original idea of closing McDonalds Corners’ centre, particularly now that the other re-use centres have been closed.

The existing trailer faces north, is extremely cold in the winter and very mouldy in the summer; also there is no outside shelter for large pieces such as furniture, appliances, and garden equipment. Plans have been submitted and volunteers are ready to assist with the building in the spring, subject to council’s budget cycle.The success of this kind of volunteer activity is entirely dependant on the good will of the community. The ‘free store’, a.k.a. ‘McDonalds Corners Boutique’ is becoming a local attraction, even an inspiration for a local song writer, and also a gathering place for all who come and go to the dump. Anyone interested in joining this ‘green’ activity, please phone Chris Anstead at 613-268-2008, or Lynne Parks at 613-279-2739.

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