| Feb 22, 2007

Feature Article - February 22, 2007

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Feature Article - February 22, 2007

February Fever to bring two more murals to lifeby Jeff Green

The Central Frontenac Mural Project will take a large leap forward this weekend, with help from sign makers from across the country.

A meeting of the Letterheads, a group of sign makers that congregate at events across North America, is being held in Sharbot Lake this weekend. For the price of a few meals and a warm bed, Central Frontenac will receive a 32’ by 10’ mural (from which a detail is pictured above) which will grace the former Leslie Hotel in Piccadilly, and a smaller mural, which will be affixed to the side wall of the Sharbot Lake Pharmacy.

Local _boys_BMX

The mural for the Leslie Hotel is a depiction of the station from the Kingston-Pembroke (K&P) railroad that was located a few miles north at Iron Ore Junction, which was renamed Godfrey after the turn of the century. It includes images of the Howes Store and the Leslie Hotel as they looked like in the past. But the highlight of the piece is the glorious black train and the deep vanishing point between the station and the train.

The murals and a host of other signs are being completed at the Oso Hall throughout the weekend. The public is welcome to stop by. The Letterheads crew will be out and about at other Frontenac Heritage Festival events, taking place at the Piccadilly Hall and at locations in Sharbot Lake .

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