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Feature Article - February 15, 2007

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Feature Article - February 15, 2007

Annual Snow Rodeo coming toSharbot Lake

On Saturday, February 24th the 2007 Snow Rodeo will be one of the many fun activities happening in the Village of Sharbot Lake and surrounding area as part of the Frontenac Heritage Festival. The Snow Rodeo is an event for anyone who has an interest in riding snowmobiles and ATVs.

Snowmobiling continues to be a popular activity during the winter months and ATV riding is becoming a year-round activity, in any type of weather, on any terrain. It is this adaptability that has led to a surge in ATV sales across Canada . Growth in ATV sales has allowed more and more people to enjoy exploring the outdoors by riding on the multi-use trails that extend across Ontario .


The downside to the rapid growth of ATV use has been an increase in injuries and deaths. The vast majority of both snowmobile and ATV users act in a mature and responsible manner. However, as with cars, motorcycles, dirt bikes and even bicycles, there are adults who disregard the law and ignore common sense.

The Frontenac ATV Club is a strong advocate for the safe and responsible use of All Terrain Vehicles, as well as the expanded use of ATVs for recreational purposes. Bob Sherman, President of the Frontenac ATV Club stated “There are two problems causing unnecessary injury and death. First, the use of alcohol which impairs a driver’s perception of danger, and quite frankly leads to excess speeds. And secondly, there are adults who take children for rides on ATVs. It looks like fun, but if the ATV suddenly stops, the child will be thrown from the ATV."

Amazingly, young children continue to be injured in ATV incidents at an alarming rate. Youth under the age of 16 represent one third of all ATV injury hospitalizations and 50% of the deaths (Canadian Pediatric Society, 2004). All adults, especially parents supervising ATV use must never let young children operate an ATV, or even ride on the ATV with an adult. The Frontenac ATV club commends the vast majority of safe recreational ATV users. The FATV Club will continue to work to educate the public about ATV safety.

Safe riding means riding within your capabilities, operating at safe and appropriate speeds for the terrain, wearing a helmet, never drinking alcoholic beverages or using drugs before or while driving, and being prepared for sudden, dangerous situations. Keeping safety at the forefront of all of your winter activities, could also keep you out of the hospital emergency department.

The Snow Rodeo is a fun day of activities that also raises the public’s awareness of the safety issues surrounding the use of these machines. The event will take place at the new Fire Station on Wagner Road , and activities will include an ATV Poker Run, a Snowmobile Poker Run starting from Snow Road (weather permitting), a mock trail crash demonstration, games, an ATV safety presentation, fire extinguisher demonstration, videos, tours of the Enhanced RIDE van, and an impaired reality on the trails activity. There will also be a number of indoor activities, including displays, door prizes, giveaways, and refreshments. The day is set to begin with a pancake breakfast put on by Central Frontenac Fire Department from 8 am to 10 am at the new Fire Station. Snow Road Snowmobile Club will also be hosting a breakfast at their clubhouse from 8 am to 11 am as well as an after ride dinner. Activities will begin at 10 am and run throughout the day until 4 pm . The OPP S.A.V.E. Team, Frontenac ATV Club, Central Frontenac Fire Department, Kingston Police, MADD Kingston & District Chapter, and Snow Road Snowmobile Club will be available to answer questions and provide information

Many other activities will be taking place in the Sharbot Lake area during the Frontenac Heritage Festival including dancing, crafts, workshops, music, skating and so much more. Visit www.centralfrontenac.com/winter for the full schedule of events running from February 22 to 25.

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