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Feature Article - March 29, 2007

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Feature Article - March 29, 2007

Let's run this one up the flag pole, shall we?by Jeff Green

Members of Frontenac County Council seemed surprised last week when Emergency Services Manager Paul Charbonneau submitted a report that concluded, “As the County of Frontenac matures it is evident that a county flag would be appropriate, as there have been times that we could use such a flag.”

Charbonneau pointed out that at some meetings which the paramedic service attends, counties bring their flags for awards ceremonies. He also proposed flying the flag at county ambulance stations, two of which are located in Kingston.

“I wonder how the City of Kingston will react to our flying the county flag at those bases,” said Frontenac Islands Mayor Jim Vanden-Hoek.

Charbonneau’s report also pointed out that several years ago the county introduced a “broad series of identifier items, including a tie, a binder clip, pens and markers, lapel pins, jackets for councillors, etc.”


“Did we really have jackets?” asked South Frontenac Mayor Gary Davison, “I wouldn’t mind an Armani one.”

Charbonneau proposed that the current county logo, which includes a sailing ship and a wheat sheaf, be set against a white background in the flag. The cost of the project is $75 for set up and $115 per flag.

Council agreed to pay for the set up and five flags.

“There’s a real protocol over how to take care of flags that we need to make sure is followed,” said Central Frontenac Mayor Janet Gutowski. “I was a girl guide when I was young, so I can’t help but be concerned about this kind of thing.”

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