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Feature Article - March 15, 2007

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Feature Article - March 15, 2007

Letters to the Editor


As a duly elected councilor for North Frontenac, it is my responsibility to effectively represent the entire population of the community. As a council we must work on many diverse issues. The Pine Lake development is one of the many issues currently being addressed by council. This is not an easy issue to resolve and has caused a great deal of concern.

In an attempt to better understand the issues, I suggested that a meeting between all parties be convened to share information and discuss the challenges. This meeting would have provided an opportunity for the constituents of North Frontenac to learn more about Pine Lake development and its implications. It has always been my position that effective problem solving requires ongoing open and honest dialogue. To my knowledge this meeting will not happen because most invited parties have declined the invitation to participate.


As a councilor I will continue to do my best to work for you. I support First Nations culture and traditions and would like to ensure their success and prosperity, both economically and socially within North Frontenac. To this end, I will continue to work with all parties affected to ensure that all people are treated fairly and equally. Respectful dialogue is the key to achieving success.

Wayne Cole

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