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Feature Article - March 1, 2007

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Feature Article - March 1, 2007

Kaladar Teen Zone soaring back to life

At the Community Centre in Kaladar a youth recreation centre was established in July of 2002 for the youth, due to some unfortunate events; flooding, and illness The Teen Zone has been out of commission of late. This is about to Change!

The Kaladar Teen Zone is one of 7 Youth Centers across the province developing recreational activities for youth as part of a TYPS (Town Youth Participation Strategies) pilot project. Youth centers play an important role in communities as they are accessible for youth who might otherwise not become involved in healthy, physical recreation, as well, to keep them off the streets and give them a place they can call their own.


As part of the Ministry of Health 2010 Promotion, Teen Zone will develop and offer a variety of after school activity programs for youth. Youth activities and centers are key ingredients in providing leadership, participation, opportunities and space for youth to become involved in creative programming and recreation. SportChek for Kids, part of the Forzani group, has contributed sports equipment to each of the centers in support of this program.

A recent project by youth of the centre was to develop an Anti-Tobacco video, "Kick in the Butts, another project sponsored by TYPS and the Ministry of Health. In the near future we will be having a public viewing of the Anti-tobacco video at the Kaladar Community Club on a Tuesday night before a bingo game.

One of the characteristics of this program is to offer activities that are not heavily structured and competitive. The goal of this pilot recreational project is to make programs accessible to all youth in our community which include fun, physical activity, teamwork, and leadership development. Youth are invited to offer their ideas and creative input into developing activities that they want.

Volunteers are key to the success of this project and we welcome anyone interested in assisting in these youth programs. If you would like to participate in pick up games of basketball or volleyball, contribute to an evening of interactive games, or help create a recreational field trip please contact us.

Youth may even want to just come out and enjoy what the Teen Zone currently has to offer; a pool table, TV with DVD player, TV with a PS2 and many games, Computers with internet access, skate boards, volleyballs, basketballs, soccer balls, footballs, and there is a fully equipped kitchen for snacks and a new learning experience. The youth have everything they need for a “home away from home”.

For more information contact Lori Hamilton, Youth Planning Coordinator or Jeannie Allen President, Kaladar Community Club at 613-336-8846.

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