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Feature Article - April 12, 2007

Council concerned about the future of the Plevna library

by Jeff Green

The Clarendon and Miller hall has been a major concern for the North Frontenac Council over the pat few months.

First, a mishap during a repair job caused some damage to the library, which is contained within the hall, forcing it to close for about two months. An ongoing mould problem has also necessitated further work. The work has been completed and the hall has received a clean bill of health, but officials from the Kingston Frontenac Public Library have informed the township that the library workers’ union was still concerned about the effects of mould in the library on the books, and the library has been closed down once again, this time indefinitely.

Library hours have been extended at the Ompah branch to compensate.


Library representatives toured the municipal building at the former Ministry of Natural Resources site in Plevna, but said it was not suitable.

“We’re not sure what we have to do at the Clar-Mill Hall to satisfy their concerns,” said Councilor Fred Perry at last Thursday’s council meeting (April 19th) in Cloyne, “but maybe we should find a new location for it.”

The township will continue to look for a site and will try to find out what can be done to make the existing site acceptable.

WHY NO BRIDGE MONEY? - Guy Laporte, an engineer from the firm of Totten Sims Hubicki who has worked with the township on three grant applications seeking funding to make the Mississippi bridge a two lane structure, is having a hard time understanding why the township keeps losing out. He sent an email to township CAO Cheryl Robson as soon as he found out that the Ontario Rural Infrastructure Improvement Fund (RIIF) had denied funding. The project had previously been submitted to the COMRIF program on two occasions.

Mayor Maguire said that he understands Laporte’s frustration. “We have gone to the trough on this one with no success. We have in fact, wasted much time, human resources and money. Surely the ministry has to know or be made aware yet again that we keep spending precious taxpayer money on these applications and studies without getting anywhere, and that we can’t afford do the project ourselves.”

Council agreed to send a letter.

HELIPAD AGREEMENT Council approved an agreement between themselves and William Tebo, allowing them to clear brush and vegetation on his land so that a clear approach to the Ompah helipad can be established. This will allow the helipad to remain open 24 hours a day. With an agreement already in place to use the Tomvale airport, the township now has two emergency helipads available for air ambulance service.

CLAR - MILL COMMITTEE FORMED In the wake of the Fire Ladies disbanding, a new committee has been formed to carry on some of their activities in and around the Clar-Mill hall. It was approved by council, and the group’s activities in the hall, (pancake breakfasts, suppers, funeral lunches, etc.) will be insured by the township’s insurance company.

INSURANCE RENEWAL Council accepted a proposal by Thomson Lloyd Jardine to provide insurance for one year at a price of $68,752, an increase of $3,596 or 5.5% over last year. The increase was explained as being the result of a 3.5% inflationary increase plus some extra fees for changes in the township’s infrastructure, specifically the new fire hall. Staff was directed by several councillors to bring the renewal up earlier next year as they would like to consider putting it out to tender.

2007 BUDGET CAO-Treasurer Cheryl Robson told council that she expects to be able to bring a draft budget forward within the next few weeks for their consideration.

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