| May 10, 2007

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Feature Article - May 10, 2007

Increase of 3.6% in Addington Highlands budget

by Jeff Green

The levy to taxpayers for the 2007 Addington Highlands budget will be a few dollars shy of $1.6 million, up from $1,545,000 in 2006, a 3.6% increase.

Much of the increase came from the Lennox and Addington County taxes, which are up 3.8% this year.

The tax increase will be spread quite evenly among taxpayers in the township this year, since property tax assessments will not be reviewed in 2007, while the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) undergoes a review of its procedures.

The final tax rate will be set when the budget is approved on May 21 at the regular council meeting in Denbigh.

Injunction _served

Peter Tryon honoured Peter Tryon’s quick thinking in saving a truck driver has come to the attention of the Governor General. Back on December 8, 2005, Peter was at his home on Highway 7 at Kaladar when he heard what sounded like a loud thunderclap. He rushed outside and saw that a transport had run off the road into the garage at Bence Motors.

Peter ran to the scene, woke the driver and guided him out of the cab through the passenger door to safety before the truck was overcome with flames.

Earlier this week, Peter had a chance to recall the events of December 8, 2005 when he received a framed citation and a commendation from Governor General Michaelle Jean, as presented by Addingotn Highlands Reeve Henry Hogg. Lennox and Addingotn County Warden Clayton McEwen was on hand as well, presenting a certificate from MPP Leona Dombrowsky in recognition of the same event.

“You hear about people doing things like this,” said McEwen as he presented the certificate, “but it’s an honour to actually meet someone. Would you do it again?”

“In a second,” Peter Tryon said.

Request for ATV use of county roads Larry Pealow addressed council, representing AHEAD (Addington Highlands Economic Advisors for Development). AHEAD is asking, on behalf of the Eastern Ontario Trails Alliance, that a portion of Lennox and Addington County Road 29 (which runs from Highway 7 to Flinton), be made legal for ATV traffic in order to connect two trails in the Eastern Ontario Trails Alliance multi-use trail network.

ATV traffic is legal on Addington Highalnds Township roads, but not on county roads.

Deputy Reeve Helen Yanch, who sits on Lennox and Addington County Council, said, “I don’t think ATV’s should be on roads, I won’t be supporting this.”

Reeve Henry Hogg said he would bring the proposal forward at the County Council table.

“I have no idea what the county will say”, he said.

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