| May 10, 2007

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Feature Article - May 10, 2007

Full house at Morrow fundraiser

by Jeff Green

It was a full house at the Circle Square Ranch, near Arden, on Sunday night as family, friends and neighbours came out to share a community dinner with the Morrow family, to raise money and spirits after Michael Morrow suffered a serious snowmobile accident on February 7, which left him fighting for his life at Kingston General Hospital.


A group of staff and students from Sharbot Lake High School, where Michael went to high school and where his brother Brandon still attends, began organizing the dinner a month ago. At first they expected to hold it in the school. When tickets began selling fast, however, they realized the school could not accommodate everyone who wanted to attend, so the staff at Circle Square Ranch stepped in. Not only did they donate the hall, they also prepared and provided much of the food.

Mike Morrow was able to attend the dinner, travelling up from Kingston General Hospital for the occasion.

It was more of a night for fellowship than speeches, but Janice Morrow, Michael’s mother, thanked everyone for coming and mentioned how pleased she was with Michael’s progress since his accident.

Initially, doctors and nurses at KGH were unsure whether Michael would pull through, but he “has continually amazed his doctors with the strength of his recovery,” said Liz Steele-Drew, Michael’s cousin, who was one of the principal organizers of the event.

Liz Steele-Drew summed up the evening in a few words of greeting.

“I am a hometown girl, a teacher at Sharbot Lake High School and I am Michael's first cousin. It is on days like this, at events such as this that I am extremely proud to have these three roles. I am proud to be a member of such a caring, supportive community. I am proud to be working and learning with such an amazing group of young generous people at SLHS. I am proud to be part of such a strong, close knit, loving family. Thank you for all of your support. Enjoy the food, enjoy one another's company and good luck on the auction.”

Three hundred people enjoyed their roast beef dinner and participated in a silent auction. Between donations, the dinner tickets, the auction, and other donations, over $7,500 has been raised for the family, and more money is still coming in.

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