| May 03, 2007

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Feature Article - May 3, 2007

Two projects at AHBusiness Breakfast

byJeff Green

Andy Anderson presented an idea he has been working on to the latest Addington Highlands Business Breakfast gathering last week in Flinton. It is a radio station, a 50-watt station that would send a signal in an 8km range from Northbrook, to cover most of the southern portion of the township, between Kaladar and Cloyne.

“By using a feeder transmitter, we could reach Bon Echo Park as well,” Anderson said. “They have no cellphone service, so they will have to listen to the radio.”


The plan, which is at the early development stage, is dependent on support form local business people. Anderson said that a tie in with students at NAEC would be necessary to bring out the needed volunteers, and envisions the station being on the air about 30 hours a week. He has been in contact with the people at a radio station in Campbellford.

“We will need advertising to cover costs,” and will be coming around to see if we can get enough advertising lined up to bring the station about,” Anderson said.

Land O’ Lakes Garden Club Lynn McEvoy of the Land O’ Lakes Garden Club described her 15-month-old group as a “force to be reckoned with.” The project she was promoting at the Business Breakfast was cedar planters that the garden club would like to install at area businesses. For a cost of around $30, the club will do a planting each year, and the business owner will then have the responsibility of watering. Tender plants will be removed in the fall by the garden club and replaced with hardy material for the winter. Businesses are welcome to contact the garden club if interested.

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