| Jun 28, 2007

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Feature Article - June 28, 2007

CentralFrontenac Seniors of the Year

by JeffGreen

Central Frontenac Council took a break from debating about the merits of fixing different roads this week to pause and consider some of the people who make the township a good place to live.

The annual Seniors of the Year event marked the contributions of five people from the four districts that make up the township.


GLEN AND BETTY MATSON From Kennebec district, Glen and Betty Matson were honoured for their contributions to the fire department, the recreation committee, and other causes. Representing the 5th generation of Matsons to live in Arden, (there are now 7 generations and the first member of the 8th is coming soon) Glen Matson served on Kennebec Council for 14 years, and as Reeve and Deputy Reeve. He was one of the founders of the rec. committee in 1967, and of the fire department in 1980.

Betty has also been active on the rec. committee and is the chair of the Emergency First Response Group of the fire department.

Together Glen and Betty host a Christmas pageant on their farm each year, and hand out free hot dogs and hot chocolate to the anyone who comes to enjoy the live pageant

ED WARREN From Olden district, Ed Warren was once a councilor in Olden Township, and he has been a lifelong farmer, starting as a dairy farmer and becoming a beef cattle farmer in later years. He has been active in his church at Sharbot Lake and is a long time member of the Lions Club. He has also been working hard to preserve the integrity of Warren’s Lake.

ROBERT (BOB) YOUNG Bob Young has been a fixture on the Oso fire department for many years and was instrumental in establishing the emergency first response team. He is credited with saving a life as a first responder. He is also a volunteer with the Lifeline program at Northern Frontenac Community Services. As Councilor Frances Smith described him, “Bob is one of those true volunteers - he doesn’t want to be noticed, he only wants to get the job done.”

GERALD HOWES Gerald Howes has served as president of the Parham Fair, and helped bring the ball field lights and the grandstand to the Fair site. He also provided the rink shack for the Tichborne rink for less than the cost price of the shack. “He is always available to do a favour,” said Councilor Philip Smith in presenting Gerald with his award.

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