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Feature Article - March 8, 2007

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Feature Article - June 14, 2007

Central Frontenac CouncilUn-assumed road maintenance back on the back burner

by Jeff Green

Michael Wise and other Kennebec Lake residents living on the Blue Heron Ridge and Thrush Trail, made their third or fourth appearance before Council within the past year. The have been asking that Council move forward in consideration of providing partial support for the maintenance of their road, and other similar roads in the township, whose residents provide large amounts of tax dollars but must pay for their own road maintenance.

Council has never indicated if it is interested in putting any money into these roads.

Instead, as Councillor John Purdon did on this occasion, they have stuck to questions about the overall implications of that kind of funding.

“Do we know how many un-assumed roads there are?” Purdon asked.

Michael Wise has met with Chris Matheson of the township since appearing before council back in March, and found “there is no definitive answer to that question based on the [townships] database.”

Injunction _served

“Are there other townships that do this?” Purdon asked.

Wise said there are three or four that he is aware of.

“I think its essential that we have more information. We need to know exactly what we are doing here,” said Councillor Gary Smith.

Although the delegation has provided information in the past, much of that information was presented to the previous Council, and the first time Councillors, of which there are 5, are not familiar with it.

“I think we need to bring back all of the information, and we need to produce a list of all the roads in the township that would have to be involved,” said Mayor Janet Gutowski. “I know you gentlemen have been here before, but we will get to an answer for you eventually, even if it is not the one you are seeking.”

Council passed a motion asking staff to produce a list of un-assumed roads

Insurance for ATV Event –

Joe Dupuis from the Hinchinbrooke Rec. Committee appeared before Council asking for their endorsement of a family fun day at the Parham Fairgrounds that is slated for July 28.

“We are planning to have a petting zoo, karate demonstrations, and many other events throughout the day. After all the events are over, at 4:00 pm, we have been working with the Frontenac ATV Club on an obstacle course event.

It is designed to be a slow speed event, emphasising driving skills, balance, etc., and the Atv Club is very keen on this and have run these kinds of events in the past,” Dupuis said. “I have been emailing back and forth with [township treasurer] Judy Gray about this and answering questions from the township’s insurer, but every time I answer a bunch of questions they come back with more questions, so I thought it was time to come to Council because we need to get final approval in order to move forward here.”

“I support this. If we listened to our insurance company, we would never do anything. They were against the Sno-Drags a few years ago, and we went and did it anyway,” said Councilor Frances Smith.

“Is the ATV club getting insurance?” asked Councilor Purdon.

“As a member of the Ontario ATV Assocation, they have a certain amount of insurance, but the township needs to be covered. The townships’ lawyer is happy with the waiver the ATV club has prepared for participants, and the insurance company has not said no, it just keeps asking further questions.

Council passed a motion endorsing the Family Fun Day and ATV event on July 28th.

Oyez! Oyez! – Paddy O’Connor was the only applicant for the position of Town Crier. He cried out his application for the benefit of Council

“A pleasure to confront you all, here in the Mountain Grove Community Hall.

A happy occasion for one of us, while others despair and envy with lust.

We live in a county with beauty galore, to share with our neighbours who wish to explore.

Now to quote and old farmer who cries a lot, from his humble abode near Lake Sharbot.

Our land is precious and so are our lakes, let’s honour our good fortune and do what it takes.

The Town Crier may look a tiny bit odd, but deep in his heart he is close to a god. He spreads the word, and makes people merry, who better than I, even though I’m a bit hairy.

God bless this wonderful country, Canada”

Notwithstanding his application, O’Connor was appointed to the job by a unanimous vote of Council.

Truck tender – Tenders were received for the purchase of a tandem truck and plow equipment. Three contractors bid on the Cab and Chassis portion of the tender. The lowest bid was from Edwards Ford Sales, $102,589.74 (taxes in) for a Sterling truck. Two other bidders were $7,000 and $9,000 higher for International trucks.

“Sterling seems to be working hard to get into the market,” said Councilor Jeff Matson.

The township already owns three Sterling trucks.

Council accepted the staff recommendation to purchase the truck from Edwards Ford, and Plow equipment from Champion, of Carleton Place, for $80,370 (taxes in).

The overall cost of $182,959.74 was well under the $200,000 budgeted for the purchases.

Building boom? not quite - A report from Ian Trickett shows construction projects valued at $3,717,000 have been commenced so far this year. The compares favourably to the $2,202,00 at the same time last year and $3,325,000 in 2005. This total comes from 54 permits in 2007, which is less than the 58 at the same time last year and, and a whopping 84 at the same point in 2005.

So, why the high total construction value? More than 1/3 of the total in 2007 comes from a single project, the Medical Centre upgrade, valued at $1,200,000, which is being undertaken by the township itself. Without that project, construction in 2007 would be marginally lower than 2006 and substantially lower than 2005, which was a boom year.

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