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Feature Article - March 8, 2007

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Feature Article - June 14, 2007

CF Council rejects portable bleachers for now

by Jeff Green .

In response to complaints about the state of the bleachers at the Sharbot Lake Ball field, a staff report recommended that Central Frontenac Council purchase four pre-fabricated 50-seat aluminum bleacher units.

The units are portable, and at this week’s council meeting, Mayor Gutowski said they could “be moved to Sharbot Lake beach for Canada Day, or to Parham for the fair, or other events.”

Councillor Philip Smith (Hinchinbrooke) said, “The bleachers at the ball field in Parham are in just as bad shape as those in Sharbot Lake, so why do we so suddenly have to do this?”

Councillor Bob Harvey (Oso) said, “The men’s ball team came to council last year with a proposal to build new bleachers themselves, but we didn‘t let them do it because of liability. So, we knew about this problem. It isn’t a sudden thing.”


Other councillors raised a concern that the portable bleachers could be too portable, and might be stolen. “I don’t see a concensus emerging on this,” said Mayor Gutowski, and the proposal was sent back to staff or further clarification.

In the meantime, council accepted a proposal from Northern Connections to demolish and remove the existing bleachers at the Sharbot Lake field as part of one of their training programs. The demolition is scheduled for this week.

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