| Jun 28, 2007

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Feature Article - June 28, 2007

The Pine Meadow Classic: serving the special needs of residents

Over the past six years, the Pine Meadow Classic golf tournament and Yourway Lumber, its principal sponsor, have been able to raise in excess of $50,000 for special projects that have added greatly to the comfort of the residents of the home.

In 2002 the funds paid for a picnic shelter; in 2003 it was wheelchair accessible picnic tables; in 2004 a sidewalk, patio and flagpole base; in 2005 towel and blanket warming equipment; in 2006 equipment for a new restorative care facility; and this year the $14,000 that has been raised will pay for a wrought iron fence which will allow residents to roam the grounds of the facility freely, and will facilitate outdoor events such as BBQs and picnics. Plans are in place to build a pond and fountain area in the future.


It was sunny and warm on June 16, the day of this year’s tournament, and over 80 participants enjoyed a day of golf in the sun, followed by a steak dinner, all courtesy of Laurence and Helen Mackey of the Maple Estates Golf Club.

The impact of the tournament on residents at the home was brought home by the presence of Doug McLellan at the dinner after the tournament. Doug was wheelchair bound when he cut the ribbon at the new restorative care room at the home last year, but he is now able to walk with the aid of a walker thanks to the therapy he has received in the room.

Aside from the winning teams, prizes were awarded for closest to the pin; Chris Hunt (Men) and Tonia Peroff (Women), and Longest Drive; Tony Drysdale (Men) and Tonia Peroff (women)

The Pine Meadow Classic winning team (pictured)) Roger Tryon, Lorraine Steele, Terry Tryon, and Trevor Tryon. Second place finishers were Derek Maschke, Robert O’Neil, Ryan Delyea, and Jamie Lyman. Finishing third were Mark Freeburn, Mike Wood, Travis McLuckie, Rob McLuckie.

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