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Feature Article - 31, 2007

Waste issues dominate at Addington Highlands Council meeting

by Jeff Green

Waste issues dominate at Addington Highlands Council meeting

By Jeff Green

At the council meeting on June 4, Deputy Reeve Helen Yanch expressed her displeasure with the limited variety of items taken by Fraser Hauling, the company that handles recycling pickups at the township dump at Kaladar.

“I think we have to do something about Fraser Hauling. I don’t think we are getting very good service from them. If people in the County of Peterborough can recycle everything, why can’t we do the same in Addington Highlands?” she asked.

“It’s not the hauler,” said Reeve Henry Hogg,” we have to look at the recycler in Belleville.”


“They take just about everything in Denbigh,” said Councillor Janice Kerr. Recycling in Denbigh is trucked to a recycler in Renfrew.

“Exactly,” said Helen Yanch. “It’s a situation where we need to find other companies who are willing to do this.”

Council approved a motion, forwarded from the Waste Management Committee, calling for the township to “pursue other recycling companies for the Kaladar site.”

DENBIGH SITE Council has been pursuing setting up a temporary transfer station at the Denbigh site when it closes on July 1, pending an attempt to expand its limits and re-open it in the future.

The response from Jon Morish of the Ministry of the Environment, Kingston Office, indicated that the processing times for getting approval for a transfer station “have varied widely (up to a year or more) but I understand they are getting better.” Morish also wrote that there are costs involved, with the application alone costing about $900 and that design and operations reports and closure plans are required as well.

In the meantime, the hours at the Vennachar site, which is the closest alternate site, will be increased. Between July 1 and September 30 it will be open from 7-10 am Mondays, 2-5 pm on Wednesdays and 2-8 pm on Sundays.

COMMUNITY BUILDER AWARD Larry Pealow from the Economic Development Committee (AHEAD) and Terry Shea from the Land O’ Lakes Tourist Association appeared before council to talk about establishing a community builder award for the township.

If established, the award would be given out annually to a resident of the township. Written nominations would be required, answering the question, “Can you describe the impact this individual has had on this community?”

Members of council, township staff, and AHEAD committee members would make up the jury. Unlike other kinds of awards, this one is not intended just for volunteer work, it also wants to award people for their entrepreneurial spirit.

“Voluntary risk in the interest of the economic development of the community may also be recognised,” said the literature accompanying Pealow’s presentation.

Council was receptive to the concept and it will be considered at the next AHEAD meeting.

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