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Feature Article - August 23, 2007

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Feature Article - August 30, 2007

Injunction formally served to Arodch and Sahbot Obaadjiwaan Algonquins

by Jeff Green

Two representatives from the Kingston Sheriff’s office arrived at the site of the occupation at the Robertsville mine at about 3:00 Friday afternoon accompanied by two OPP officers.

They were greeted by members of the Ardoch and Shabot Obaadjiwaan Algonquin First Nations who have been encamped behind the gate at the privately owned mine since June 29th, and a crowd of non-Algonquin supporters outside the gate.

As the Sheriff’s representative read out the 7 page order (which is described in “Robertsville mine occupation” below) the crowd drowned out his voice with cheers, drumming and singing.

With the order being filed, the OPP now have authorization to force the people in the encampment out.

OPP spokesperson Paige Whiting told the News that the OPP is considering the ruling now that it has been formally served, but at this time is maintaining the same profile as it has from the start of the occupation two months ago.


On Tuesday, a senior officer assured the leadership from both Algonquin Communities he will meet with them again before there is any change to the OPP operational guidelines at the site.

Although the ruling authorises the OPP to carry out arrests, it also grants them discretion and calls on them to avoid confronation.

The Ardoch Algonquins have their annual Pow Wow scheduled for Saturday and Sunday at the Blue Skies Festival site, which is close to the Robertsville mine.

(We will report on any change to the OPP protocol when it occurs)

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