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Feature Article - August 23, 2007

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Feature Article - August 30, 2007

GBCLA adopts lake plan

by Chic Blair

On Sunday, July 29, 2007 over 100 members and guests attended the annual general meeting of the Greater Bobs and Crow Lakes Association at the Bedford District Hall and formally adopted the association’s ambitious Lake Plan.

The Stewardship Plan can be viewed at the three local township offices, in public libraries and on-line on the GBCLA web site, www.bobsandcrowlakes.ca.

The Plan was released May 25, 2007 and has received two awards, one from the Rideau Conservation Authority and one from Cottage Life. The next step is the important task of implementing the plan through seven working groups, which are being formed now. The association is asking for volunteers for the following seven working groups: Water Quality and Water Levels; Fisheries and Fishing; Natural Environment (Ribbon of Life); Boating and Recreation; Emergency and Municipal Services; Development: and Sense of Community. A copy of the plan “Imagine” can be obtained for $25 by emailing GBCLA@ca,inter.net.


John McCalla, President of the Foundation, gave the meeting an update. In addition to having Revenue Canada charitable status the foundation is currently exploring the American IRS charitable requirements with the intention of providing similar status for American financial donations. The foundation has overachieved their fundraising goal for the year, and the working groups can make applications to the foundation to fund their activities.

Randy French, the association’s Lake Planning consultant, was one of the keynote speakers. He summarized with three actions for members to take. 1) Congratulations: spread and share the Stewardship Plan. 2) Commitment: become involved in the working groups. 3) Accountability: familiarize yourself with the Stewardship Plan by reading the document and allowing it to be part of your life in the lakes.

Reg Genge of Ontario Lake Assessments was the second keynote speaker. He spoke on both water quality and fishing habitat. Of particular note was his finding that water quality has improved slightly over the last 30 years and there is cause for concern over lake trout and pickerel fisheries. To see a detailed analysis of the items listed above, see sections 3.0 and 4.0 of the Lake Plan.

Honoured guests included Mayor Janet Gutowski of Central Frontenac Township as well as Councillor David Hahn of Bedford District, South Frontenac Township. Both congratulated the association and gave brief addresses, which included consultation on the plan and a focus on Waste management. There were many interesting and informative exhibits, including an extensive display of boating safety equipment and information by the OPP. Also executive members of Buck Lake Association, Otty Lake, 14 Island Lake and Maple Grove Estates attended.

Volunteers and departing directors were recognized for their contributions to the association and the lake plan work. Some recognized were: Lloyd Jones, who wrote the Plan summary and gave lots of advice; and Tim Hannan who prepared the last draft of the document; Bernie Gelineau for Boating and Cottage Safety; Mel Fleming for Fisheries; and Ludwig Ratzinger for Commercial Camps. Susan O’Brien Mactaggart received a standing ovation as the outgoing president, and will remain on the board as past president.

Mactaggart introduced Taro Alps, a permanent resident of Bobs Lake, who has an extensive background in Information Technology communications, as the new President for 2007-8. Mr. Alps gave a brief address. The new slate of Directors was elected for 2007 – 2008 and they are now getting ready for yet another busy year!

“Foodgifts” in Westport donated a door prize, a basket of environmentally friendly lake & septic-safe products. Reg Genge and his wife Ann donated a beautiful print to be raffled during the meeting as a fundraiser for the Association. It was suggested the winner purchase a lottery ticket as the same member won both items!

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