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Feature Article - August 23, 2007

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Feature Article - August 30, 2007

Flinton build: A true community effort

The Habitat for Humanity build in Flinton started with Mike Gabourie coming in to do the excavation at the beginning of August. Bill Juby and his helper came in to put up the blocks and Bill stayed on to help with the knee walls. Roy Cummings, Rob Bonter and their crew (with lots of direction) got everything else finished in time to have the Blackwell & Allcock crew come in on August 22 to start the framing. Thanks also to Russell Grey for responding so quickly and without question to a request for help put to him by Ruth Peck (our committee leader) who just happened to be driving by and saw his tractor out on the road. Russell was kind enough to come by and backfill the foundation for us.


And a special thanks to all of those who have come out so far; we really appreciate your time and effort. Without you, we would not be this far along. Thanks also to the local people and merchants who have donated materials and cash. There is much still to be done and we are still looking for volunteers to help finish this very worthwhile project. Please don’t feel that you should not volunteer because you believe you would be helping somebody get a free house. This is not the case, nor is it what Habitat for Humanity is all about.

When the house is finished, it will be independently assessed and valuated. This price will include the lot and the very generous donation of materials given by Chisholm Lumber of Roslin to celebrate their 150th anniversary. It will also include all other materials and volunteer hours.

The young couple, Wendy Reid and Steven Scott who qualified for this house, will take on a mortgage based on this valuation. The mortgage will be interest free and will be geared to the family’s income. The family will personally put 500 hours of sweat equity into the build. What a wonderful opportunity for a young family to have a house of their own--something they probably would never have been able to afford.

So don’t be shy, please volunteer when and if you can. There is still much to be done and we need your help. Let’s rally round as a community and truly welcome this young couple into their first house.

To volunteer, contact Mary Kelly at 613-336-6806.

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