| Aug 02, 2007

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Feature Article - August 2, 2007

100 years and still rocking!

by Rev. Jean Brown

In the photo, from L to R: Martin Neuland, Helen Praskey, and Jim Mattear, all musicians at Henderson United Church, smile after completing various 100th anniversary church services. Missing from the photo is violinist Amanda Veley of Henderson who played "Amazing Grace" to the glory of God at the recent fashion show church service, so well attended. That service featured local models representative of the past eras, all of which point to God, the author and giver of time.

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Although Henderson United Church celebrates 100 years as a church, the actual denomination was founded in 1925 when leaders of the Methodist, Presbyterian, Congregational and the Western Canada council of Union Churches formally aligned to form the United Church of Canada as a way to create churches in the many towns and cities that sprang up along the railway line. As well, there were concerns for serving the religious needs of the Canadian northwest, and the desire to provide better overseas mission, and mission within Canada, without so many church buildings - all of which could be better accomplished by the individual churches combining in their efforts, which they did in 1925.

Looking into the future, Henderson United Church is one of three churches involved in an up-coming Vacation Bible School in August, and Christian Family Night a mid-week educational program for all ages, and of course weekly church services at 8:45 AM to which all are invited.

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