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Feature Article - September 6, 2007 Staff Sergeant Gary Ouillette Proposes Higher Community Profile for Police

by Wilma Kenny

On August 29, the South Frontenac Police Services Board congratulated Staff Sergeant Gary Ouillette on his new appointment as Commander of the Frontenac OPP Detachment, Hartington. He replaces Staff Sergeant Glen Fowler, who retired recently. Ouillette, who began his police career 25 years ago near Sudbury, has been with the Frontenac Detachment since 2001.

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The Frontenac Detachment has over 30 employees, and is responsible for policing South Frontenac Township and the portions of Highways 401 and 15 which run through the county. It has one of the highest clearance rates for B&Es (i.e. crime solving) in the province. As a result, B&E in the township has been reduced by 50% over the past four years.

Staff Sergeant Ouillette spoke of community outreach as one of his priorities: he wants his staff to become more visible and accessible to the public, by having them on foot in the villages and in attendance at sports events and other community gatherings. He hopes to continue a pro-active role in the schools: there will be presentations in the public schools on bus safety and drug awareness, while a community staff member will be on hand a half-day each week at SHS, Another initiative may be the investigation of unattended vehicles, to make sure they are locked and secure.

Fall and winter cottage checks will continue: Ouillette asks that residents be on the lookout for suspicious vehicles around cottages, particularly on weekdays, and report these promptly. It is especially important to record the license number of such vehicles whenever possible.

He suspects that an organized group, possibly from the Kingston area may be responsible for the large number of outboard motors which have recently been stolen from the east side of the township.

Ouillette noted that false 911 calls, many from curious children who hang up, are a drain on the detachment’s resources. Even though a parent may phone immediately to cancel such a call, two officers are still required to make a follow-up investigation. He asked that parents do what they can to prevent this problem.

Asked about a "wish list", he grinned, and suggested a couple of ATVs for the detachment.

(photo: Left to right Gord Burns, Gary Davison, Sgtaff Seargent Ouellette, Ron Sleeth, Wayne Horocks)

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