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Letters - October 11, 2007

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Letters - October 11, 2007


October 11Scams, Ina Hunt-TurnerDr. Cronk Flies Home, Jim & Vivian AmbroseScams

For a long time I have felt like I was out of the loop. I hear of other people getting fake e-mail letters from exotic countries telling them of millions of dollars left in dormant accounts or money that people cannot access unless someone from this continent sends them some money first, after which they will share in the enormous profits. Since I never got one of those letters, I felt ignored and wondered if it would ever happen to me.


Well, the wait is over, folks. I too have finally made it to the "Suckers Hall of Shame". I received an e-mail last week, presumably from a person in Switzerland, telling me of all the dormant accounts in their banks and asking if I would like some of the money left there by holocaust victims. I hope that other people receiving a similar letter will stop and think about this; for a number of years the holocaust survivors have been fighting the Swiss banks for money that rightfully belongs to them and which the Swiss banks illegally took, assuming that all the Jews would be killed. So, believe me, there are no dormant accounts there and please be warned that this is another scam. Do not believe this person who portrays himself as Iulian Bacesku. He is after your hard-earned money, and if you believe him, I know of a bridge in Arden that I would be willing to sell you

Ina Hunt-Turner, Arden

“Dr. Cronk flies home to Parham – 1916.”

Dr. CronkWe are enclosing a picture with the above caption on the back. I believe that it is a Curtiss JN Jenny, which was used during the First World War by the American Air Force, and probably also, the Canadian. There is a man standing in the background wearing the military uniform, probably the pilot, or Dr. Cronk? We would like to get in touch with anyone that has information re above.

Jim & Vivian Ambrose,Hampton ON

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