| Dec 13, 2007

Feature Article - December 13, 2007 Back toHome Feature Article - December 13, 2007 Beauty Inside means beauty at home for Terry-Ann Hare by Jeff Green

Three months ago Terry-Ann Hare moved her esthetics and healing modalities business from Kindred Spirits in Sydenham to her home just a few minutes north on Alton road.

“I can put my kids on the bus in the morning, get dinner started when I have a break, I can do all those things so the day goes that much smoother,” she said over the phone earlier this week - in between seeing a client and running to the road to pick up her children after school.

And her clients don't seem to mind at all. Since moving her business, Terry has been able to keep all of her clients, and add new ones.

It's all part of a progression for Terry as she continues to juggle family and career responsibilities.


She originally studied marketing in school, and after graduating she worked for Revlon Canada as a sales representative. She went for a massage during her first pregnancy and struck up a friendship with Janet Howard of Kindred Spirits. This led Terry to consider starting her own business. She studied reflexology and Reiki and decided she needed to do esthetics as well to make her business viable, so she took a course in Kingston.

At the start, esthetics accounted for the bulk of her business, but that has changed and now it is only about 40%.

The ever expanding healing modalities offered at Beauty Inside; which include Reiki, for which Terry will soon be attaining her Masters from Earth and Sky in Kingston, as well as reflexology, and Indian Head massage, have become more and more popular.

“So many people are craving massage techniques, so many people are nowadays are stressed, that they are looking for something I can offer,” Terry said.

Another innovation that has come about since Terry has moved her business to her home, is the Wednesday afternoon Women's Circle she has organized, which is a meditation group.

With Christmas coming up, Beauty Inside is offering packages to help with stress, and provide a gift -giving opportunity.

One package includes a pedicure, facial, reflexology and a hour massage, all for $100 (a $50 savings).

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