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Christmas Edition - December 20, 2007

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Christmas Edition - December 20, 2007 Holiday helper wreath - a 12-step program by Martina Field and Susan Stopford Pressed for time? Still have shopping to do, and your house is a mess? Here is a great and easy way to combine the tedium of house cleaning with the joy of holiday decorating.


Sweep the entire house into one pile.

Quickly clear out some excess bins from all junk drawers in house and garage and basements (if you have one)

Delve into cracks of couches and other soft furniture and root out all objects including coinage.

Add all drawer and couch objects to floor pile.

Use large piece of cardboard (a used pizza box is perfect)

Cut cardboard into desired wreath shape.

Look at pile

Rummage through pile. Consider things like colour and texture and rhythm of pile objects.

Start gluing objects from pile onto cardboard.

Don’t forget to strive for balance in form and content of wreath! Have fun.

Turn off glue gun.

Hang wreath.

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