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Christmas Edition - December 20, 2007

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Christmas Edition - December 20, 2007 Harrowsmith PS Festival of Trees by Martina Field and Susan Stopford Sparky the safety elf opens First Harrowsmith PS Festival of Trees

Harrowsmith PS held their first Festival of Trees last week, and in addition to celebrating the season, the students raised money and gathered food for people in need in South Frontenac.

Principal Jim Horan, who is in his first year at Harrowsmith, said he has organized festivals at every school he has led, and wanted to bring the event to Harrowsmith. The school community responded, and on December 12, the entire student body gathered for the celebratory lighting of the central tree in the gymnasium. Around the perimeter were a host of smaller trees, which had been decorated by different classes, as well as some gingerbread creations.

The trees were all donated by Revell Motors, the major corporate sponsor of the event.

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The central tree was lit by Sparky, the South Frontenac Fire Department mascot, and the deputy fire chief delivered a timely fire safety message. The children then enjoyed a carol sing. The next two days were filled with activities, as students and their families chose the trees they hoped to win, and put the tickets they had purchased in their boxes.

The festival was highlighted by a performance by children's entertainer Mary Lambert on Thursday evening, and a food blitz in the village of Harrowsmith, which was carried out by the older students. Finally on Friday, the trees draw was held, and the lucky recipients got to bring home their trees.

On Monday afternoon, a gathering was held at Revell Motors. The Harrowsmith Free Methodist Church and Trinity/St. Paul United Churches as well as Rural VISIONS, who all provide food support in the community, shared in the $168 in cash that was raised, and the donated food was gratefully picked up by Rural VISIONS, who run the local food bank.

“It was a great event,” Limestone School Board Trustee Barb McLaren told Jim Horan, “we'll do it again next year and we'll raise three times as much money.”

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