| Dec 27, 2007

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Since the arrival of snow, one begins to think about winter gardening activities, and one of the most enjoyable is to read about horticulture. It seems in summer there is only time to find solutions to pressing garden problems. There is no time to pursue knowledge of our current plant passion or dream about designing the best backyard, but come December, it is true pleasure to thumb through the newest books on the market and choose one or two for gifts or for yourself. The following should give you choices for great reading for every gardener on your list.

Gardening Grief and Glory by Ed Lawrence answers your gardening questions by Ed Lawrence, Benoit & associates. Like his CBC radio program, Ed gives down-to-earth solutions for gardening queries throughout the months.

A Sandbox of a Different Kind: Personal Reflections on the Canadian Gardening Experience by Mark Cullen, Mary Mark (publisher). Mark is another Ontarian with a wealth of hand-in-the-dirt experience.


The Magic of Monet’s Garden: His Planting Plans and Colour Harmonies by Derek Fell, Firefly Books. This beauty will make your imagination soar.

The Well-Designed Perennial Garden by Tracy DiSabata-Aust is a detailed guide to help you develop a splendid display in your garden.

Trees by Allen J. Coombes is a visual guide to over 500 species of trees from around the world. The pictorial guide is super as it shows the flower, fruit, leaf and shape of the tree. There are written descriptions of the native region, habitat, bark and flowers.

101 Essential Tips: Cacti and Succulents by Terry Hewitt, Doring Kindersley Ltd, is inexpensive but a good little guide to growing these carefree plants.

Seeds: Time Capsules of Life by Peter Crane, Rob Kesseler, Wolfgang Stuppy and Alexander Papadakis, Firefly Books, is 264 pages of wonder and beauty that you will want on your coffee table, handy to browse through and learn from in the cold winter months.

For the youngster who has an interest in gardening, pick up a copy of How Does your Garden Grow? Great Gardening for Green-Fingered Kids by Clare Matthews, Hamlyn. It is full of bright pictures, fun activities and even some basic cooking.

Happy reading this winter!

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