| Dec 27, 2007

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I believe we are all pleased that Mrs. Dillman has decided to end her hunger strike. And while she failed to end uranium exploration in Ontario, I believe that she has certainly impressed upon all members of government the fact that there is opposition to the way we pull this element from the ground.

However, your story leaves the impression that MPP Randy Hillier railed against uranium exploration in the Sharbot Lake area. To the contrary, during the “all candidates” meeting in Verona, he said point blank that he would not hesitate to send in OPP swat teams to clear out protesters so that Frontenac Ventures could exercise their “rights” as private property holders and mine for uranium on their land.


Hillier did “rail against the government”, but only on behalf of the dozen or so LLA members in attendance. Citing the narrow interests of the LLA, he named the members off one by one; explaining their failed businesses as solely the fault of “excessive regulations”. And then disappeared from the House for the entire second week.

John McEwen, Verona.

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