| Nov 08, 2007

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Feature Article - November 8, 2007

South Frontenac Councilby Wilma Kenny


Rob McRae of the Cataraqui Regional Conservation Authority presented council with an outline of a new provincially funded program directed at protecting drinking water sources. The Sydenham water system, which draws from Sydenham Lake, is one of the most vulnerable areas in the Cataraqui region, so it will be the area the study will focus on. Although the program will run for four years, one of the early portions will involve residents within a 200 meter radius of the water intake. They will be encouraged to close unused wells, upgrade outdated septic systems and undertake runoff and erosion protection with partial financial assistance from the CRCA. Further information about the program will be provided to local property owners in early December.

Brett Dark spoke as a representative of Fourteen Island and Mink Lake Association about the Lake Stewardship plan being undertaken by the property owners of the Meredith Subdivision area. This is a community effort aimed at maintained or improving their lakes and the surrounding watersheds. Presently local volunteers are collecting data: they plan to produce a ‘state of the lake’ report in Spring 2008. Following that, they will confirm issues and identify actions needed. The final plan will be in place in the summer of 2009.

Dale and Kris Bowes have submitted an application for a zoning by-law amendment to allow them to replace an existing cottage with a new dwelling with an attached garage. The lot is slightly over acre, with 165 feet of frontage on Knowlton Lake, which is classified as a highly sensitive lake trout lake. One corner of the proposed structure would encroach into the 30 meter setback by 5.3 meters. Council complied with the CRCA’s request that a decision be deferred until the exact location of the septic tank could be determined, in the hope that a longer set-back might be achieved. Three neighbours objected to the development of permanent residence on the lot, citing concerns about the increased use of the road, and possible negative effects on the lake and neighbouring cottage community.

Patty Lumb has resigned from the committee of adjustment as she’s moving away. Council made a motion to thank her for her work on the committee, and another to appoint Len McCullough to replace her.

The Sydenham Santa Claus parade will be Saturday Nov 24, beginning at 10am from the Sydenham fire hall. It's sponsored by the Loughborough Firefighters Association, and the contact person is to be Troy Emery, president of the LFA. He can be contacted through the township.

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