| Dec 10, 2009

Back to HomeFeature Article - December 10, 2009 Coins for Cancer at SHSBy Wilma Kenny

Lindsay Gordon and Laura Sands

Three weeks ago, Laura Sands decided she'd like to do something practical to show support for a fellow student who's battling cancer. Aware that many of the expenses associated with an intensive treatment program aren't covered by insurance, Sands and Lindsay Gordon discussed their ideas with staff member Shelley Brooks. What followed was a one-week fundraiser they called "Coins for Cancer." Bright-coloured buckets were placed in every home classroom, to collect change. The results far exceeded expectations: led by one class that brought in over $1,000, the final tally at the end of the week is more than $2,000. Laura and Lindsay are still rolling coins using a nifty little sorter, and the local bank has been served notice that a heavy pile of coin rolls is coming their way. 

Good job, Laura and Lindsay, and congratulations, SHS!

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