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Re: Mayor seeks cuts to the Fairmount Home budget, David Bate

Kylie Babcock Benefit Concert, Tonya Selle

Tichborne Mailboxes Damaged, Donna Ducharme

Re: Mayor seeks cuts to the Fairmount Home budget

It appears that Mayor Vanden Hoek does not intend to spend his latter days in Fairmount Home; he might take care of it better otherwise.

Mayor Vanden Hoek has proposed a 5% budget decrease for Fairmount Home in 2010 and a 5% budget decrease in each of the four years following for Fairmount Home.

These are the grim figures. I have assumed a conservative minimum of 1.5% inflation per year so all the figures are in 2009 dollars. I did my best with my calculator, and remind you that these are approximate figures: In 2009 the budget is $79,000 per patient per year; 2010 - $73,865 proposed; 2011 - $69,064 proposed; 2012 - $64,575 proposed; 2013 - $60,378 proposed; 2014 - $56,454 proposed.

Mayor Vanden Hoek expects to pay $56,454 in 2014 when the lowest budget listed in the article for a patient in 2009 is Lanark Lodge at $69,000 per year. Get real.

Does Mayor Vanden Hoek propose to stop feeding the residents? Will the name be changed from Fairmount Home to Fairmount Hell?

David Bate

Night_skies_07-34Kylie Babcock Benefit Concert

On November 28 a Benefit Concert was held at the Verona Free Methodist Church for two-year-old Kylie Babcock. The organizing committee would like to express profound thanks and gratitude to the area businesses and organizations for their very generous donations and support.

We would also like to thank all the individuals who donated items for the silent auction and those who graciously supported the concert and gave from their hearts, reaching deep into their pockets to help support Kylie and the Babcock family as she continues to fight liver and lung cancer.

The concert featured gospel music by Crimson River, blessing, encouraging and entertaining those who attended.

On a personal note, I would like to thank the fund raising committee – without them none of this would have been possible. “They are true Angels”

My sincere thanks and love to all.

Tonya Selle, Committee Co-Ordinator

Tichborne mailboxes damaged

Damage to Tichborne mailboxes on Anderson Road, Fish Creek Road, and in Crow Lake is a terrible offense. Whoever you are, you need to realize it’s not your expense; taxpayers will agree.

Where is your respect? You must have better things to do. Leave them alone, please.

Donna Ducharme

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