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Art Contest

A Christmas Messageby Debbie Pelley-Hudson

Christmas Traditions in Ireland

Country Christmasby Kelly Calthorpe

Early Literacy: Opening More than Presents

Local Music to Stuff Your Stockings with


The Brightest Star

The Christmas Quiltby Kelly Calthorpe

The Christmas Giftby Pastor Ken Walton

Christmas Art Contest

Once again we had a large number of entries, making judging very difficult. We’re pleased to share the children’s drawings with you and hope to rekindle the memories of magic and wonderment of Christmas’ past.

May you always remember the true spirit of Christmas, one of sharing and love of family and friends.

We put the paper to rest for another year, and thank you, our readers and advertisers for your support. Our first edition of the new year will be January 7.


Overall Winner, Anya Tully, 9Ages 4-5

Left: 1st place, Katie Tryon, 5

Above right: 2nd place Ben Baillargeon, 4

Below left: 3rd place  Amica Levesque, 5

Ages 6-7

Top Left: 1st place, Teagan Cox, 7

Above: 2nd place Julia Gray, 7

Left: 3rd place Jessica Wedden, 7

Ages 8-10

Left: 1st place Ainsley MacDonald, 10

Above: 2nd place, Jenna Moritz, 9

Below left: 3rd place Cailey Cotnam, 8

Ages 11 & Over


Above Left: 1st place, Jordan Young, 15

Above right: 2nd place,Brittany Mary-Lynn Campbell, 11

Left: 3rd place, Riley Teal, 11

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