| Jan 26, 2006

Feature Article - January 26, 2006

Feature Article

January 26, 2006

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Central Frontenac Council embraces LakePlanning:January 24, 2006

by Jeff Green

There was a time, in the not too distant past, when township councils viewed Lake Planning initiatives by property owners’ associations with suspicion, on the assumption that they were designed to curtail any attempts to develop waterfront properties.


That time has passed in Central Frontenac. This week, Central Frontenac Council warmly received a presentation by the Kennebec Lake Property Owners’ Association concerning the comprehensive Lake Management plan they have undertaken in partnership with Quinte Conservation. Council talked about promoting the plan as a template for plans on all other lakes in the township. The Kennebec Lake Association will be bringing their perspective to the review of the township’s Official Plan that is taking place this year.

Terry Murphy, the General Manager of Quinte Conservation, said that Quinte Conservation has “an overall goal to develop a watershed management plan, but we don’t have the staff to do it. Working with volunteers who have expertise, we can co-ordinate and receive good data. We don’t always do studies to prove there is something wrong. Mostly we are finding that things are good, and we can learn what has to be done to keep them that way.”

The agreement between Quinte Conservation and the Kennebec Association stipulates that Quinte will provide expertise and training to ensure the quality of the data the Kennebec volunteers will produce. In return, Quinte will receive invaluable data.

So far, volunteers have studied 80 properties in the vicinity of Kennebec Lake, for soil erosion, shoreline degradation, water quality, etc. They have also generated an etiquette brochure which is available locally in Arden.

The planning process the Kennebec Association has undertaken is extensive, and it is designed to determine appropriate development opportunities for the lake.

Council received the report from the Kennebec Lake Property Owners’ Association and expressed their support for the Lake Planning initiative.

Sustainable Communities Resource Centre The Sharbot Lake Tire house is one step closer to reality. Council has approved a zoning amendment for the 1.16 acre lot on Road 38 where a proposed Sustainable Communities Resource Centre is planned. The building, which is to house office and demonstration space, and possibly a small caf is designed as a demonstration site for alternative building, heating, and waste disposal techniques. It is to be built using a combination of straw bale and reclaimed material (used tires) construction.

There were four conditions attached to the approved zoning change: A professional site plan must be developed, the sewage system must be approved by the Health Unit, certain landscaping must be completed, and provisions for a 15 car parking lot, off Road 38, must be made.

Public meeting Waste Disposal fees A public meeting will be held on February 27, 7 pm at Oso Hall to discuss whether to change or keep the fee structure for dumping garbage. Currently Central Frontenac charges one dollar for a bag tag.

Final building stats for 2005 Construction values for 2005 were a shade under $8 million ($7,943,000). This compared to $6,038,000 in 2004, and $4,656,000 in 2003. Forty-nine new residential units were started in 2005, compared to 45 in 2004, and 27 in 2003.

More on roads Councillor Murray initiated a further discussion on winter road maintenance in the wake of further ice storm events since the previous Council meeting. Murray insists that the Public Work Department needs to address how it operates during winter storms. Mayor MacDonald mounted a spirited defence of the road crew and their procedures, blaming road problems on bad weather. The exchange became heated at times.

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