| Jan 26, 2006

Feature Article - January 26, 2006

Feature Article

January 26, 2006

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SouthFrontenac Township council report

by Wilma Kenny

In late December, Council approved a single day event Hazardous Waste Day program at an estimated cost of $6400. This will take place at the Keeley Road garages: the tentative date is Saturday June 3rd. There will be no fees for South Frontenac residents to bring hazardous waste for disposal on that day. (Presently, township residents can use the Kingston recycling facilities for a $30. per load fee.) There have been numerous requests for a hazardous waste depot in the township: this one-day event will serve as an indication of the actual demand for such a service.


Wireless Internet Transmission on Water TowerThe Township is entering into an agreement with Kingston On-Line Services, to rent space on the Sydenham Water Tower for wireless internet transmission equipment. The $200/month rent will go toward the operating costs of the Sydenham Water System.

New County WardenMembers of Council congratulated Mayor Bill Lake on his election as Warden of Frontenac County for the year 2006.

Alternate Energy: Why Should We Care, & What Can We Do?The Township Natural Environment Action Committee has invited Steve Lapp, local resident andCoordinator of St Lawrence College's new Energy Systems Engineering programto present a seminar at Sydenham Town Hall on Monday January 30, at 7:00 pm. We’re all aware of rising oil, gas and electricity costs, threats of power failure, smog, and changes in global weather. Phrases like "alternate," "renewable," " cleaner" energy have become so familiar they are in danger of losing their meaning. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and helpless. Steve plans to focus on the positive actions we can take, both as individuals and members of society, to improve our energy situation. He will encourage discussion and questions. There is no charge for this seminar: everyone is welcome.

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