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Feature Article - January 12, 2006

Feature Article

January 12, 2006

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Family Literacy Day 2006

by Susan Ramsay, Early Literacy Specialist(613) 354-6318 (ext 32)

It’s January 2006. Time to put down those Sudoku puzzles Santa left in your stocking and test your skills with this New Year’s quiz:

1) Why will January 27th be a day to watch for?

a) Saturn will be directly opposite the sun and at its best viewing

b) Family Literacy Day will be celebrated across Canada

2) Family literacy includes:

a) Reading with children at home

b) Drawing pictures to tell a story

c) Sending a note in your child’s lunch box

d) Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Grandma, Grandpa, Great Aunt Matilda…

e) All of the above

f) Reading by yourself

3) ‘Reading Slump’ refers to:

a) Your physical position when you’ve read too late at night

b) High school student with head on desk during second period


c) Times when children are at risk of losing interest in reading (i.e. at kindergarten entry, grade 4, and entry into high school)

4) Reading to children more than once a day:

a) Impacts children’s future academic skills

b) Helps children learn to read

c) Helps children develop a love of reading

d) All of the above

5) Honorary Chair of Family Literacy Day is:

a) Jack Layton

b) Stephen Harper

c) Paul Martin

d) Robert Munsch

6) Family Literacy celebrations in the area include:

a) Mother Goose and Her Mixed Up Fairy Tales in Sharbot Lake

b) Clifford the Big Red Dog visiting Tamworth and Napanee

c) Skating party with stories read by sports celebrities in Kingston

d) All of the above

How well did you do with the quiz? Check your answers:

1. b) Family Literacy Day makes January 27th a day to watch for. (The position of Saturn, though, will make January 27th a great night to watch.)

2. e) Family literacy refers to more than reading with children at home. Family Literacy is about the ways families use literacy and language in their daily lives to do everyday tasks.

3. c) Reading slumps are times when children need more encouragement to read. Encourage them by reading together and by talking about things of interest that one of you has discovered through reading.

4. d) Reading many books with children every day helps them become good readers and capable students.

5. d) Family Literacy Day is celebrated every January, with or without winter federal elections. Robert Munsch has been Honorary Chair of Family Literacy Day for several years. Discover “Name Tags”, written by Robert Munsch and only available through ABC Canada’s website at www.abc-canada.org/fld/name_tags.shtml

6. d) Yes, all of these events are happening in the area! For information about dates, times and locations call: The Child Centre Early Years Centre (Sharbot Lake event) at 279-2244; LARC Early Years Centre (Tamworth and Napanee events) at 354-6318; Kingston Literacy (Kingston event) at 547-2012

But there’s no need to wait for a Family Literacy event to celebrate your impressive New Year’s quiz results. Share a book with your child today.

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