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Feature Article - January 5, 2006

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Feature Article

January 5, 2006

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NAECGrade 12 class builds Shaker building

The Grade 12 Construction Tech class, led by Peter Rasenberg, has constructed a timber frame cabin based on an 18th Century Shaker Building technique. This style of building uses mortise and tenon joinery and is held together by over 70 hardwood dowels that were hand turned on the wood lathe by the students.

This building is constructed from 8”X8” spruce logs and measures 12’X16’ and is designed for a loft. Ninety percent of the construction is done with hand tools.


This timber frame barn was built behind the shop and is being re-assembled in front of the school and placed for tender. Profits from the building will be used to purchase supplies for the tech shop. Contact Peter Rasenberg at 336-8991 for more information.

Students working on the building are: Lacey Grand, Lee Wilkes, Alex Woodcock, Marc Tooley, James Clement, Matt Lessard, Crystal O’Hanley and Ryan Afemui. Supervision and leadership provided by Mr. Peter Rasenberg.

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