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Feature Article - January 5, 2006

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Feature Article

January 5, 2006

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McDonald's Corners Re-use centre gets new life

Who would imagine that nineteen people of all ages would come to take part in a 2–day cold, somewhat grubby, community project during the holiday season? Only those with passion and commitment to a cause, you may say…and you would be right!

The Lanark Highlands council voted to close the re-use centres in the landfill sites as of December 31, resulting in an instantaneous rumble in the communities involved. Over forty people showed up at the following council committee meeting in support of keeping the re-use centres open: quite a surprise to the councilors.


A group was formed and a petition was written and presented with the hope of reversing the previous council by-law decision. This was debated in council, and finally on December 13 a vote was taken to allow the McDonalds Corners Re-use Centre to remain open for three months, under the supervision of volunteers; no staff would be provided.

Hence the "re-users" were formed and a work party was called.Plans were set to undertake a complete overhaul of the re-use centre. The township agreed to fix the ‘office’ at the end of the trailer as a place where the volunteer’s fingers could be warmed and a cup of tea enjoyed.

On Tuesday, December 28,cars, pick-ups and vans drove into the site, and before long everyone was pitching in, finding a job, and things were under way. A great deal of ‘stuff’ was taken to the MERA Schoolhouse to be sorted into either bags of ‘good’ for our re-use centre, or 're-cycle' for other charitable organizations or 'junk' for landfill.

The trailer floor was cleared, swept and scrubbed. There was suddenly room to move, books were sorted onto shelves,stuffed toys were peering down from the shelves and as darkness fell on the second day a great feeling of satisfaction was achieved at a seemingly impossible job.

Community members are asked to continue to bring in their re-use articles and to visit the re-organized centre. More volunteers to attend the site are welcome, as we hope to have two people per shift, and as plans are developed to further improve the outdoor space.

Many thanks are due to all those who participated. For more information, please phone Chris Anstead at 268-2008 or Lynne Parks at 278-2739.

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