| Feb 23, 2006

Feature Article - February 23, 2006

Feature Article

February 23, 2006

AddingtonHighlands Council:February 20, 2006

by Jule KochBrison

Township Clerk Jack Pauhl recommended to council that a UV water purification system be installed at the Denbigh hall. Tests of the water at the hall keep coming back with adverse results. “The coliform counts keep bouncing around,” he said.

Reeve Hook asked if the water is unsafe to drink and Pauhl replied, “That depends on whose opinion you’re asking. The count is over 5.” A UV system would cost around $4000 and requires less maintenance than a chlorine system, but an analysis would have to be done to see if it would work with the Denbigh water.

One consideration in relation to the cost of a UV system is that water tests are expensive, and three tests have to come back clear before the system is considered clean.


Fire Chief Casey Cuddy asked if a smaller purification system could be installed right in the hall, rather than at the well, which is on the other side of the highway. Reeve Hook also asked if bottled water would be an acceptable solution to the problem; however, as food is served at the hall, it may not be. “It’s the MoE that we have to satisfy,” said Jack Pauhl. He will look into the feasibility of both suggestions.

Hazardous Waste Solution in sight

The township wishes to have an agreement for hazardous waste disposal in place with Renfrew Town Council as soon as possible. The cost to AH will be around $1600/year, with no other costs to ratepayers. The service will run from the long weekend in May to the end of August. Councilor Eythel Grant will contact Renfrew Town Council to get the matter moving.

Denbigh fire alarm - The township must install an alarm system at the Denbigh hall, and Fire Chief Casey Cuddy is waiting for further details about from the only company that submitted a quote for the work to the township.

Cell phone petition - Reeve Hook received an email about the cell phone petition from Bell that said they’re working on a business plan. “If the numbers are ok, we’re in business,” Hook said.

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