| Feb 23, 2006

Feature Article - February 23, 2006

Feature Article

February 23, 2006

Province seeks public comment on proposed new walleye fishing regulations

The province is enhancing the quality of the fishery in southern Ontario by proposing new walleye fishing regulations for more than 400 inland lakes, Natural Resources Minister David Ramsay announced today.

“We are addressing concerns from anglers regarding the quality of the walleye fishery,” said Ramsay. “We want to work with stakeholders and the public to ensure we have healthy, sustainable walleye populations and a healthier natural environment.”

Last fall, ministry staff met with anglers, tourism representatives and other stakeholders interested in the management of this important fishery to seek advice on the proposed recreational fishing regulations for each of the five new inland fisheries management zones in southern Ontario .


The ministry is now asking for public comment on the proposed fishing regulation options, with the goal of implementing new regulations in 2007. The public can view the proposal and learn more about the options being considered by visiting the Environmental Bill of Rights Registry at http://www.ene.gov.on.ca/samples/search/ and entering Registry Number XB05E6801.

The southern Ontario walleye review is one component of a new ecological approach to managing recreational fisheries in Ontario announced last year. With this new approach, the ministry is working to manage fisheries on a broader, ecosystem basis, streamline recreational fishing regulations, and increase public involvement in fisheries management.

“We are working to ensure healthy, sustainable walleye populations that provide improved angling opportunities now and in the future,” said Ramsay.

For more information on the southern Ontario walleye review or the ecological framework for recreational fisheries management in Ontario , visit www.mnr.gov.on.ca/MNR/fishing/fmz/index.html.

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