| Mar 30, 2006

Feature Article - March 30, 2006

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Feature Article - March 30, 2006

CF Township dives into Web with InternetTechnology


AmalgamationAccording to Mayor Bill MacDonald, changes earlier this week to Central Frontenac Township ’s web site are about something more than just spring cleaning: “We’ve made some enormous advances, they’re all about supporting our community. We really focused on what our area needs online, and recognized the time was right to play a larger role. We don’t believe in being a one-dimensional township.”

As of Monday, the web site had a new look and many new features; local weather information, maps, news feeds, and something called a “webcam”. These features create ‘online infrastructure’ that has some exciting benefits, as the township’s I.T. Manager Chris Matheson explained, “For example, a snowmobile or ATV enthusiast from Kingston can quickly check our weather forecast, see a live snapshot of the trail taken by the webcam, and decide that although their local conditions are lousy, it is a perfect day to come to Central Frontenac. We really want to encourage the community to take advantage of the site.” The additional cost of these features? “Very minimal. We are able to stretch more out of technology we already have, for example the same North Frontenac Telephone DSL Connection used at our business office runs the new site.”

After so many changes, is the township ready to rest on its laurels? It can’t afford to, according to Clerk-Administrator Heather Fox. “We’ve recognized benefits of the Internet long before this redesign. In almost all of the business calls, and most of the private calls we receive, the person has the Internet available to them. Our area is so large physically, we’ve realized enormous time and cost savings by putting our information online.” The township is already looking at the next improvements to the website, possibly community hall availability, or maps of the township that can be loaded into recreational GPS units. The new site is available now at www.CentralFrontenac.com.

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