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Feature Article - March 30, 2006

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Feature Article - March 30, 2006

SLHSVariety Show


Mitch Barker A group of students approached Gary Giller earlier this year and asked that he help organise a variety show for the general public in addition to the Coffee House that takes place every year. He agreed.

The show that took place last Friday, after a two-week weather delay, was more successful than anyone could have expected. A full house greeted the performers at the SLHS cafetorium. The house band (Jim MacPherson, Gary Giller, Mark Elliot and Joe Shaw on drums opened the night) with a few numbers on their own. They were followed by Lydia Sergeant, performing even though she had a bad cold, who treated the audience to bluesy renditions of “Don’t Think Twice it’s Alright” by Bob Dylan and “Misery” by Pink.

Sergeant is no stranger to the high school stage. She delivered a plaintive, yet stirring rendition of Amazing Grace, a song that is so often overdone by performers, at the School’s Remembrance Day Ceremony in November.


After Lydia Sergeant, Amanda Maracle took the stage. Accompanied by Claudio Valentini on classical guitar, with backup harmonies by Michel Cota, she performed “Imaginary” by Evanescence, and “Another Suitcase, Another Hall”, before finishing with an acapella version of the Judy Garland standard, “Somewhere over the Rainbow.” A loud ovation greeted her warm, note perfect renditions.

The house band returned to the stage to back up Sharbot Lake High School ’s Country Gentleman, Mitch Barker. Mitch Barker is a real throwback, his relaxed stage presence, clean singing style, and love of old country tunes from the 50’s and 60’s make him seem like he comes from another era. He finished his set with a gospel number. The audience greeted his performance with a standing ovation as well.

Finallly, just when it looked like SLHS was steeped in the past, the four-piece alternative rock band “The Saved Soul” took the stage, featuring lead vocalist Michael Cota, Leigh Walker, Jason Godfrey, Joey Drapeau, and stand out stand in drummer Joe Shaw, took the stage and rocked out on three original tunes.

After intermission, there was a reprise performance of the dance numbers performed by the school’s four colour houses from the recent winter carnival. Students and teachers took the stage for some energetic “Air Band” numbers.

The SLHS Variety Show is sure to become another regular feature of the busy school year in the future.

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