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Feature Article - February 23, 2006

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Feature Article - March 16, 2006

Tichborne mother gets her sign

by JeffGreen

Persistent mother Danka Brewer has succeeded in getting two signs installed in Tichborne. Brewer originally approached Central Frontenac Council asking for the signs to be installed for her son Alexandar, who has a hearing disorder. After council refused to fund the signs, which cost $100 each, Danka Brewer was approached by Community Living North Frontenac, who donated some money towards the signs. More money came from the Sharbot Mishigama Anishnabe Algonquins, and from individual members of the Hinchinbrooke Recreation Committee. The money for the signs was paid to the township on February 2 and 9, but it took another month for the signs to be ordered, delivered and installed. On March 9, just at the beginning of the March break, Central Frontenac Public Works Manager Bill Nicol installed the signs at either end of Tichborne.

Pictured Danka Brewer and Alexandar

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