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Feature Article - February 23, 2006

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Feature Article - March 16, 2006

Township to apply for approval to establish a transfer station

by JeffGreen

In line with a report from Golder and Associates and a recommendation from Public Works Manager Bill Nicol, Central Frontenac Council decided this week to proceed with a closure of the Hinchinbrooke landfill site at Elbow Lake .

The Golder report concludes by saying that, “It is understood that the Township would like to operate the Hinchinbrooke Waste Disposal Site as a waste transfer station after closure. This will require the submission of an application for approval of a waste transfer station to the Ministry of the Environment (MoE) following approval of the site closure amendment application.”

In debate before the motion to proceed with the closure was passed, Councillor Logan Murray expressed a concern that once the township informs the MoE that the site will be closed, it will slow down the process for establishing a transfer station.


“We should consider asking the MoE to amend our Certificate of Approval to read transfer station instead of going ahead with the closure,” Murray suggested.

“The report from Golder is quite clear, and there was a longer report back in the fall. The site is full and must be closed. We have no choice in the matter,” said Mayor Bill MacDonald.

“Just to be certain this is the best way to go, I think we should table this and wait for the Public Works Manager to come to a meeting,” said Murray .

“The Public Works Manager made a clear recommendation for closure in his report,” said Township CAO Heather Fox.

The motion to proceed with closure, seek a permit to operate the facility as a transfer station, and cost out a used dump truck for that purpose, passed in a 7-2 vote, with Councillors Murray and Snyder voting against it.

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Family Health Team In order to complete renovations to the Sharbot Lake Medical Centre for its new role as a Family Health Team, it will be necessary to obtain a legal survey of the property, which is owned by Central Frontenac. The cost is estimated at $1,500, and Council voted to pay for it.

January a record month for building Winter months are never busy for building permits, but this past January was something of a record. There were no building permits issued. In 2005, six permits were issued for $308,000 worth of construction, and in 2004, three permits were issued for $132,000 worth of construction.

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