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Feature Article - April 27, 2006

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Feature Article - April 27, 2006

Crumbling fire hall needs replacing

by JeffGreen

When Central Frontenac Council sat down to consider their budget this week, they found that the proposed fire budget included the building of a new fire hall. Although building a new fire hall had been discussed most recently in Olden district, this new hall is being contemplated in Oso district. This is because of a recent determination that the Oso Fire Hall is no longer a fit building for public use.

For years firefighters in Oso district have known there were problems with their fire hall, which is located on a low spot in the village of Sharbot Lake . Mould has been a perennial concern, and the runoff from nearby buildings has made water build up a concern.

This winter things took a nosedive, when persistent flooding caused cracking in and around the foundation. When township building inspector Ian Trickett looked at the building, he decided to bring in a consultant to determine what needed to be done to keep the building safe.


“Remediation of the building was not recommended by the consultant,” said Township Fire Chief Mark MacDonald.

Instead MacDonald’s budget request includes plans for a new building next to the Frontenac E-Waste Recovery Centre at the junction of Wagner Road and Road 38. The estimated cost of the project is $500,000, and Mark MacDonald hopes to see it completed this year, provided council gives budgetary approval.

While this will put the Olden Fire Hall back, Mark MacDonald said he hopes to see that project come forward as soon as this one is completed.

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