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Feature Article - April 13, 2006

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Feature Article - April 13, 2006

Good news for dump fans inCentralFrontenac


At their meeting this week, Central Frontenac councillors decided to make using township dumps a little easier for residents, and a little cheaper.

They decided to maintain the practice of including a pass for one free dump load with the spring tax bill. In 2005, only 33% of the dump passes were redeemed, as compared to 37% in 2004. The passes can be used for all appliances (Freon removed), non-reusable furniture, mattresses, and bagged household garbage.

They also decided to make dump tags available for purchase at the dump sites. Until now tags have only been available at the township office during business hours or by mail order.

Councillors Gutowski and Murray proposed extending the availability of the tags, citing that seasonal residents and permanent residents who commute for week are unable to get to the township office between Monday and Friday before 4:30 pm.


Janet Gutowski had proposed that the tags also be sold at convenience stores and service stations, but staff recommended that it would be preferable to keep them at the dump sites and the township office. Staff also recommended that payment at the dump sites be done by cheque.

Council agreed to follow the staff recommendation.

Land o’ Lakes Tourist Association In order to support an application for funding from a provincial rural economic development program, the Land o’ Lakes Tourist Association (LOLTA) requested that Central Frontenac commit to supporting them for the next two years. For several years, council has supported LOLTA to the tune of $6,000, and this year LOLTA’s request was for $12,000 over two years. Even though this meant committing a future council to a spending commitment, council agreed to the LOLTA request.

Land o’ Lakes Communications Network (LOLCN) The Communications Network, which runs the Frontenac E-Waste Recycling Centre (FEWR) at the former township garage on Wagner Road near Sharbot Lake , asked council for a lease extension until September 30.

Although the Computer for Schools program at the site has had continued success and funding support, the e-waste recycling has been plagued by lack of funding.

In a note to council, Jim MacPherson, the LOLCN coordinator, said that for the time being, “The FEWR site will continue to accept up to two complete systems from residents of Central Frontenac only until further funding is secured.

“The Ontario regulations banning electronic waste from landfill, when enacted, will provide opportunities for municipalities to develop and fund e-waste diversion programs. We feel that the FEWR project has placed Central Frontenac in the position of being a leader in rural e-waste management.”

The lease extension was granted.

Budget fans get ready The township’s auditors will be meeting with staff on April 18 to finalise the 2005 financial figures, which will clear the decks for Council to begin work on the 2006 budget. Council decided to hold their first budget meeting on April 25, after the scheduled council meeting. Budget deliberations should get underway at about 11:00 am

Official plan review Glenn Tunnock and Andrew Pascuzzo presented a detailed account of changes they are contemplating as part of the five-year review of the township’s Official Plan. Issues covered include: public road maintenance, the future of private roads, lake planning, outdoor furnaces, and economic development. After hearing comments from council, the two planners will prepare a report outlining recommended changes to the Official Plan. Public meetings will be scheduled for late spring or early summer in order to include seasonal residents in the process, before Official Plan amendments are proposed.

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