| Apr 13, 2006

Feature Article - April 13, 2006

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Feature Article - April 13, 2006

Spring is come, the junk has riz...

by Wilma Kenny

Spring’s here, and our roadsides are not a pretty sight. On a short walk through the village recently, my husband and I decided to pick up pop cans for recycling; here in South Frontenac aluminum provides the best income for the recycling program. It became a game, seeing who could find the most, and our bag was soon heavy. At the same time, we were uneasily aware of the quantity of stuff we weren’t collecting: shiny snack wrappers, bottles, paper debris, dead squirrels. Only the dead squirrels were completely and quickly biodegradable. The rest is going to stay there until somebody picks it up. You’ve probably guessed where this is headed: Pitch-in-Canada Week!

During the week of April 24-30, specially marked garbage bags will be available in all the major villages of South Frontenac along with safety tips and disposal information. (Don’t leave the bags by the roadside: bring them home to put out with your regular garbage, but without a tag.)


For details about where to get Operation Clean Sweep bags, look for posters, or phone the township offices at 376-3027.

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