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Feature Article - April 20, 2006

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Feature Article - April 20, 2006

Mr.Shea comes toSouthFrontenac


Terry Shea, the general manager of the Land o’ Lakes Tourist Association, paid a visit to South Frontenac Council this week, and outlined some of LOLTA’s new directions.

Shea talked about the Let’s Go concept that has been adopted by LOLTA, and has been incorporated into their 2006 tourist map and brochures. “Let’s Go is all about encouraging people to come to the Land o’ Lakes for fishing, birding, hiking, snowmobiling, cycling, and everything else that we can promote, but it differs from our prior approach in that it does not limit its focus to people staying over in the region. Let’s Go encourages one-day excursions as well, a part of the market that has been ignored in the past,” he said.

It was important for LOLTA to come up with a new approach at this time, because they are seeking new funding for their members through the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.


“The only way we can exist and market as aggressively as we have been doing, is with provincial support,” Shea told council, “and the province has made it clear they will not fund existing programs; they will only fund new initiatives, so Let’s Go is coming about at an opportune time.”

Shea said he is hoping to have confirmation of funding from the province in the next few weeks.

South Frontenac is a supporting partner of LOLTA, and Council was receptive to Shea’s report.

Golf on Snider Road - Lloyd and Wendy Hartwick would like to open a driving range and mini-putt course at their property on Snider road, near the boundary with Central Frontenac. Their application for a zoning amendment was given first and second reading. Third reading was delayed until council receives Health Unit approval and a final site plan is submitted to planner Lindsay Mills. Third reading is expected on May 2.

The Hartwicks intend to open their business on July 1.

Development Fee waived Council agreed to waive a development fee for a Bedford couple who intend to build a new home on a property that once housed a trailer built onto a permanent foundation.

“The bylaw concerning development fees states that the fee is not applicable when a permanent dwelling is being replaced,” argued Councilor Del Stowe, “and while the trailer that was there wasn’t a fancy dwelling, it was a dwelling.”

“It wasn’t a legal dwelling,” said Councilor Davison, referring to the fact that no permits had ever been issued and the land in question had always been taxed as vacant land.

In a recorded vote, Council agreed unanimously to a resolution that waived the fee, although Councilors Smith and Davison both said they were doing so reluctantly. The resolution mentioned that the dwelling existed on a permanent foundation. Council did not want to set any precedents for when mobile trailers become illegal in the township in 10 years, and trailer owners will be forced to think about building houses or cottages.

Building up so far in 2006 - The construction value of the 65 building permits issued in the first quarter of 2006 was $1,858,308. In 2005, the first quarter saw 63 permits issued for a construction value of $1,383,373.

In 2004, 71 permits were issued on the first quarter, for a construction value of $3,345,430

Only one hazardous waste disposal day On June 3, the township will provide an opportunity for hazardous waste disposal for South Frontenac residents. Councilor Peter Roos asked if council wanted to add a second day sometime in August, to better serve the seasonal population. “Let’s see if the first one works,” said Councilor Ron Vandewal, a view that was echoed by others on Council.

The township will pay a minimum of $6,400 to set up the hazardous waste, and the cost will be higher if a large number of residents take advantage of the opportunity.

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