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Feature Article - April 6, 2006

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Feature Article - April 6, 2006

Harrowsmith landmark groomed for revival


Anyone heading past the old Frosty Muggins building in Harrowsmith can’t help but notice the activity. Workers are swarming all over the place. A new business is obviously about to locate in the run-down but lovely old stagecoach inn.

Built in 1860 as the Albion Hotel, the 5,400 square-foot historically-listed building has had a succession of owners. In recent years, it was a bar, the most infamous being Frosty Muggins, which attracted many a reveller from miles around. It was Wycott’s for the past five years, and now the indomitable old dowager is getting out of the food and drink business entirely.

When the renovations are complete in May, the building will reopen as an equestrian store. The owner is a former financial analyst who has left the high tech world of Kanata for Harrowsmith and a change of careers.


“This building was crying for someone to love it and restore its architectural dignity,” says Heather Spencer. “I’ve had century-homes before and renovated them. I just think they are built better and have more character and charm. This place is wonderful.”

Called Harrowsmith Horse Country, the store will offer a wide variety of products, including tack, riding apparel, horse care and home furnishings for the equestrian community and those who enjoy the country lifestyle. Opening date is Saturday, May 6.

The Frontenac Community Futures Development Corporation through the Eastern Ontario Development Fund provided some services to help the project along.

For more information about Harrowsmith Horse Country, contact Heather Spencer at 372-5085 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For more information about the Frontenac Community Futures Development Corporation, contact Lance Gibson at 372 1414, extension 202 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

About the Frontenac Community Futures Development Corporation: The Frontenac Community Futures Development Corporation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to stimulate community and economic development throughout the Frontenacs. Run by a volunteer board of directors and funded by Industry Canada , the Frontenac CFDC offers free business advice, workshops and commercial financing to entrepreneurs and those looking to start a business in the Frontenacs. The Frontenac CFDC also provides support to initiatives that are designed to stimulate economic development in the County of Frontenac , and business planning assistance to community organizations.

About the Eastern Ontario Development Fund: The Eastern Ontario Development Fund (EODF) is a Government of Canada initiative that seeks to promote socio-economic development in rural Eastern Ontario, encourage a competitive and diversified regional economy, and contribute to the successful development of business and job opportunities and sustainable, self-reliant communities. The fund responds to a commitment made by the Government of Canada in Budget 2005 to assist economic renewal in Eastern Ontario by investing in the local economy.

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