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Feature Article - April 6, 2006

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Feature Article - April 6, 2006

How ugly is your bedroom?Interior Zone celebrates 10th Anniversary

by Jeff Green

To celebrate its 10th Anniversary, The Interior Zone in Northbrook will be giving away $2,500 worth of decorating products and/or services to one lucky homeowner.

But in order to be lucky, the homeowner must be unlucky enough to sleep in a very ugly bedroom to begin with.

To enter the contest, it is only necessary to fill out a simple form and include a picture of the ugliest bedroom in Eastern Ontario .

The Interior Zone will work with the winner to turn ugly into beautiful using decorating know-how and products from the store.

The contest was the idea of store owner Wendy Thompson, who says that she looks forward to the challenge of transforming an ugly space, similar to what is done on TV decorating shows.


“We’ll work with the winner to get them the bedroom of their dreams.”

The Interior Zone has become a fixture in Northbrook over the past ten years. As more and more people decide to redecorate their homes, and people continue to build retirement and seasonal homes in the area, The Interior Zone has seen steady growth in its number of clientele and overall sales throughout its ten year existence.

An ever-increasing product line, including adding custom kitchens last year, has enabled The Interior Zone to keep up with new trends, always maintaining a focus on a relaxed country style of decorating.

This spring sees the first issue of “Stepping into The Interior Zone”, an eight page newsletter complete with tips on window treatments, a featured home, and information about the “Ugliest Home Contest”.

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